Jiangyin LIKN Industry Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Jiangyin Likn Industry Co. Ltd is a superior production enterprise founded in 2003 with a specialization in the development and supply of diamond and other super-hard material tools. We focus on products for drilling, cutting, grinding, and polishing for some of the toughest projects on the planet. LIKN diamond tools can handle concrete, terrazzo, ceramics, marble, glass fiber, reinforced plastic, as well as all kinds of non-metallic materials used in industrial production operations. Our products are manufactured for some of the highest demand applications and they deliver on our promise of excellence.

Why should you choose us?
1. We have a highly experienced team that can provide effective, professional schemes and suggestions.
2. We have cooperated with many famous tool brands over the years.
3. When it comes to specific applications, such as drilling or cutting, we offer personalized purchasing assistance.
4. Our production management is strict in order to guarantee high quality products are delivered on time.
5. We constantly work to improve our production techniques in order to minimize production costs and maximize finished product quality. This allows us to create better products at competitive prices, resulting in a win-win situation.
6. Some of our customers come to us for ODM, OEM services and they value processing capacity, which we are able to deliver along with strict quality inspection and a thorough delivery cycle.